How brands can use for CSR initiatives has been working with brands since its inception over ten years ago to support CSR and fundraising activities. Here are three ways that we can work with brands to support CSR needs.

1. Use to fundraise for charity activities
We have been the partner fundraising platform for marathons, donation drives, and more, over the years. Is your brand hosting a virtual run? What about a walkathon, step challenge or talent contest? Well, a simple way of coordinating the fundraising for this is through This will take your mind off the fundraising logistics so you can put your attention into garnering support and awareness. Click here to create a fundraising page now.

2. Start a dollar-for-dollar matching campaign
A great way to support corporate fundraising is through matching any donations made dollar for dollar. The backend dashboard of any campaign you create on shows how much has been donated and by who, so you can easily work out how much you need to match. This is definitely an initiative to shout from the rooftops.

3. Create campaigns for each of the charities you support
We know that many brands have an identified list of charities supported by the whole organisation. You can create as many campaigns for charities as you like for free on And although we have an impressive 700 charities listed, if your charity isn’t on there, just email us and we can work to enrol them!

This list is by no means exhaustive! We are happy to have a call and discuss your needs and come up with a programme of activity that works for you. Email us at [email protected] to be connected with our corporate partnerships team and they will help.

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