101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 1)

101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 1)

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Since GIVE.asia started in 2009, we have been amazed by the creativity and diversity of fundraising ideas our amazing community has stepped up help charities and people in need.

So in the spirit of sharing and helping, here is 101 fundraising ideas that we fell in love with:

1. Marathons

Asia has a thriving runner community that growing fast. This idea is perfect for active supporters who like to show their passion for a cause. It is great for healthcare causes, but can just as easily used for any other fundraising goals you have in mind.

2. Dinner Party

Love to cook and entertain friends? Then this is the fundraising idea for you. Delight your guest with a home cook meal and raise awareness for a social cause that you believe in. The perfect idea to complement poverty or hunger missions.

3. Auction Your Pre-loved Items

Do you find yourself falling in love with the carousell app (www.carousell.com) buying and selling. Share your 2nd-hand love by making it the fundraising idea to help charities and people in need. Snap, post and collect donations for your cause!

4. Golf Tournaments

The gentleman sport that many of us can’t imagine a life without. No longer exclusive to business talk on the fairway, use this idea to talk about charitable goals we can achieve in partnership. The best way for business and social to collaborate in tandem.

5. Karaoke Party

Sing your hearts out in this fundraising idea. Get into the mood of giving with your friends by kicking off with an inspiring song. Our top picks are Michael Jackson — Heal The World and The Black Eyed Peas — Where Is The Love?

6. Concert Band

If you got the groove, then this is your move. This fundraising idea is guarantee to draw a crowd when you jam on stage. Raise funds for charity by setting a theme or requiring a minimum donation to enter the show.

7. Gotong Royong (Clean Up Challenge)

The kampung spirit is stronger than ever with this fundraising idea. Organise your neighbours to clean up the community. For every thrash that you collect, donors can match it with a donation to environmental causes.

8. Boardgames Mania

Go old school with some DnD fun and flip the board when you lose yet again in monopoly. Winners decide on the charity cause and losers have to donate to help a person in need. This fundraising idea makes sure everyone is a winner and walks away with good karma.

9. Visit Universal Studios Theme Park

Learn from the best at fundraising with this idea of hosting a fundraising event inside Universal Studios Singapore. In February 2017, GIVE.asia was invited to have fun at the Charity in the Park event by Comchest and we sure had a blast!

10. The Fast and Furious (Cars Galore)

Need a fundraising idea to get people to show up? Get some of the coolest sports cars and timeless classics together. Donors get a chance to partake in the ride of their lives. Car owners double of fundraisers and compete to see who can raise the most money for charity.

Read more fundraising ideas in part 2.

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