101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 2)

101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 2)

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Since GIVE.asia started in 2009, we have been amazed by the creativity and diversity of fundraising ideas our amazing community has stepped up help charities and people in need.

Check out the part 1 for the first 10 ideas. Number 11–20 are the favorite fundraising ideas by our charity partners:

11. Sell Tickets For A Performance

What’s better than a night out with friends? Answer: A night out with friends that benefit a charity. This is fundraising idea that any charity can do and definitely recommend you add it to your activities calendar.

12. Sponsor A Dinner Table

Foodies unite for charity in this fundraising idea. Much like how we can survive without food, charities cannot thrive without the support of our community. Have a relaxing dinner as you share with your donor base the recent highlights and plans ahead.

13. Host An Art Auction

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is the perfect fundraising idea to draw patron of the arts to nurture local talent and promote greater art appreciation. Best of all, donors get to take home an exquisite piece of decor as thanks for their generous donation.

14. Organize A Family Walkathon

This is a great fundraising idea to rally the family of supporters and spread the word to more people. A fun and simple way to draw in a crowd because it is so easy to participate. Make sure you get some swag in the form of eye-catching t-shirts to draw the attention of other people in the park.

15. Fundraising Pet Party

There is something magical about furry “cuddlies”. This fundraising idea will definitely draw in your dog masters and cat lovers. What better way to help the animal cause then to have fun surrounded by the animals you love.

16. Invite Volunteer For A Field Day

This fundraising idea invites donors to participate in the pinnacle of experiential events. Build a deep and meaningful relationship with your supporters by giving them the joy of helping your beneficiaries. Make it easy for them to donate and share the cause with GIVE.asia.

17. Partner With A National Sports Event

Asia is a sports loving community and there is always a major sporting event every weekend. Tie up with a national sports event in this fundraising idea to increase your reach and kickstart your charity athlete program.

18. Launch A Digital Flag Day Drive

Give your supporters a break from standing under the sweltering hot sun just to collect a few coins. Go digital and join the internet age with this fundraising idea that will appeal to your younger donor base and expand your international reach.

19. Peer-2-peer Fundraising

Reach out to your supporter base and identify champions for your charitable cause. The most straightforward and effective fundraising idea is to ask your supporters to help with collecting donations. It’s 100% and takes just 5mins to start a online donation drive with a leaderboard to track progress on GIVE.asia.

20. School Trip For Students

Teachers who wish that their students grow up into wonderful people who make our world a better place would love this fundraising idea. Who better to inspire the young than the wonderful charity staffs who dedicate their lives to helping people in need.

Lots more fundraising ideas in part 3.

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