How charities can succeed and raise $150k in six months with online fundraising

6 tips for successful charity online fundraising

Discover how charities can succeed in online fundraising with these 6 key tips

The charity team has been working on something interesting over the last few months and we are now ready to share. We have been working on a online fundraising formula which charities can follow to succeed and raise $150k in six months. Here are some of the key tips that any charity fundraiser can use to help them get there.

1.     Spend time creating great campaign pages
It is fundamental that campaign pages include enough information. This is so donors understand who or what they are donating to and why they are donating. A simple flow that will always work is to include information on:

  • Who – who or what will your donation benefit
  • What – what will your donation mean and the impact it will make
  • Where – where in the world will your donation get to
  • When – what are the timelines of the campaign
  • Why – why are you asking people to donate and why an individual will make an impact through donating

2.     Target the right people
The exercise above will also help you to define your target audience for this particular campaign. Are you targeting a certain age or professional demographic, or people in a certain area or country? Being specific will help you to promote your campaign in the most streamlined and successful way.

3.     Update your donors on how the campaign is going
It is really important to provide your donors with regular updates on how the campaign is going and how much their donations have impacted the cause. A great way of doing this is through milestones. This might also encourage repeat donors.

“We have now reached $10,000 which means that 1000 school packs have been provided to schools across Indonesia”

4.     Cross-sell other campaigns
Did you know that the probability of converting a new donor to make a donation is 5-10%, whereas the probability of converting an existing donor to make another donation is 60-70% (Paul Farris – Marketing Metrics)? This means that it’s really important to share other campaigns with your current donors. After all, these donors already know, like, and trust you enough to have made a donation in the first place.

“Would you consider donating to another campaign in need?”

5.     Thank your donors
It is very important to thank your donors once they have made a donation. The best way of saying thank you is to showcase the impact that they have had. This will also encourage them to come back and donate again and again and again…

These are just a few of the tried-and-tested tips we have discovered through our research on how charities can succeed and raise $150k online in six months. To learn more or to sign up to our free, bespoke $150k programme for charities, email us here.

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