101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 4)

101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 4)

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Since GIVE.asia started in 2009, we have been amazed by the creativity and diversity of fundraising ideas our amazing community has stepped up help charities and people in need.

Check out first fundraising idea here. Here are 10 more reasons to be awesome with these authentic fundraising ideas:

31. Remember Love Ones

To the ones we love who left us too early, this fundraising idea allows us a moment to remember and spread goodwill in their name. Raise funds for cancer survivors in remembrance to your mom who taught you bravery in her fight against breast cancer.

32. Face Your Fears

The most dangerous neighbourhood in the space between my ears. We lost Chester Bennington to depression and Linkin Park will never be the same again. Don’t fight alone. Start a fundraiser to band together friends to help confront it side by side.

33. Celebrate Hope

Time heals all wounds but that doesn’t mean we can’t help accelerate impact. This fundraising idea is about backing solutions and social enterprises that dare to dream of a better future.

34. Get Energized

Some fundraising ideas are just about making a public statement and giving yourself no excuse to back down. There is no greater motivation to achieve your goals when people you love make a donation because they believe you can. Perfect mash up for your new year resolutions.

35. Bring A Smile

This fundraising idea is about bringing smiles to people you help and also receiving happiness in return with the joy of giving. You don’t have to wait till you’re rich to help others. After all, you shouldn’t delay happiness for yourself too!

36. Lose The Frown

When life gives us lemons, this fundraising idea invites your friends and family to join you in making lemonades. It can be overwhelming to face tough times alone. But with a fundraiser, you share your story and don’t be surprised if you’re moved to tears by the generous support coming your way.

37. Feel The Warmth

Friendship can drift over time as our lives drift apart with different jobs, staying far apart, and starting a new family. Start a fundraising idea together for something you both believe in and keep the bond between you as strong as ever with a common mission.

38. Inspire Change

If you think you have the killer fundraising idea, share it and inspire change. Who knows, you could spark off the next #icebucketchallenge!

39. Stay True To Your Roots

Remember the times when you got that little help from a stranger and that made the world of difference? Pay it forward by starting a fundraising idea to give back to your community, the people around you, and in any way you want to.

40. Just Be Awesome

Be the cool one that has so much to give and isn’t obsess with taking. You have unlimited fundraising ideas within you because you are awesome!

Another 51 fundraising ideas in part 5.

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