101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 3)

101 Fundraising Ideas for Charities and Individuals (part 3)

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Since GIVE.asia started in 2009, we have been amazed by the creativity and diversity of fundraising ideas our amazing community has stepped up help charities and people in need.

Check out the part 1, and part 2 for the first 20 ideas. Part 3 of this series will focus on what individuals can do to inspire change:

21. Celebrate Your Birthday

Don’t dread growing older because every extra year means you increase your social impact with this fundraising idea. Ask your friends to skip the birthday present and instead donate the amount that matches your age to your fundraising page on GIVE.asia.

22. Start A Wedding Registry

If you have enough porcelain plates to last a lifetime, maybe this fundraising idea will get your friends to help a person in need rather than load you with more junk you don’t need. Go minimalist and invite friends to donate to adopt an orphan or give to a cause they believe in.

23. Unite Your Alumni Classmates

Remember when you were best friends who dreamt of changing the world together. Well this fundraising idea is perfect for making that dream come true by uniting your alumni network into a powerful force that can eradicate one social problem at a time.

24. Challenge Yourself & Friends To A New Year Resolution

Fuel the motivation in this fundraising idea that gets you and your friends to push each other and achieve a new year resolution together. Tell yourself that this is not just about you by raising money for charity and having to live up to the promise once you have collected the donations.

25. Give Up A Cup Of Coffee

Once a week, skip the line at Starbucks and donate the change to a charity of your choosing. This fundraising idea will give you even more energy then a cup of caffeinated drink.

26. Go On Holiday For A Good Cause

Take break with this fundraising idea that invites you to travel to exotic locations and help out with the local community by building a school, digging a well, or simply donate supplies to the local NGOs. You don’t need to sacrifice fun because you can have the best of both worlds.

27. Help A Work Colleague Through Tough Times

Take a burden off your colleagues shoulders with this idea to fundraise the cost of the medical treatment so he can focus on beating cancer rather than worry if he is bankrupting his family’s future.

28. Become A Global Citizen

Join the digital revolution and help people around the would via the internet-age fundraising idea. With just a few clicks, you can setup a fundraiser to save children from sex trafficking or protect the orang utans from deforestation.

29. Give Your Hobby Greater Meaning

If you find it hard to get excited about running yet another marathon, then this fundraising idea promises to bring renew motivation by adding charity into the mix to give you extra meaning. Don’t be surprise if your friends start cheering you on and joining in on the fun!

30. Motivate Yourself to Go To The Gym

Anytime you want to skip the gym, don’t, and instead make a donation to motivate yourself to show up. Not only will you get fitter, but the world will get better too!

Top 10 emotions that inspire our fundraising ideas in part 4.

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