Top 5 Questions to Ask When Comparing Crowdfunding Websites

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Comparing Crowdfunding Websites

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To help you figure out which crowdfunding website is the right one for your needs, we have asked our outreach experts to compile the top 5 questions that fundraisers always want to know:

1. Which is the most popular crowdfunding website? is the no.1 in terms of traffic and popularity in Singapore so it’s perfect if you need the money fast and want to go viral on social media. processes the most donation amounts each year but it is limited to charity organizations only and usually for corporate donors who want to write a big cheque.

2. Why is this crowdfunding website trustworthy?

Look for crowdfunding websites that are about social impact and not for profit businesses. Across the globe, only a handful of crowdfunding sites like,,, and offer a 0% transaction fee so the maximum amount of your donation will reach the beneficiaries. Also, avoid crowdfunding sites that do not have a clear representation of who are the “owners”. Try to identify those backed by the government or have won multiple social enterprise awards to ensure that they have been scrutinized by expert validators.

3. How much does it cost to use to a crowdfunding website?

Most sites will not charge a fee to start using it. However, be careful of the hidden costs. Some sites like, and others will take a percentage of every donation and keep it for themselves. Even worst crowdfunding websites will charge another fee every time you withdraw the money. and are the only 2 websites that offer a 100% free to use model, with no transaction fee and also no withdrawal fee.

4. Who can I ask for help on the crowdfunding website?

It can get quite complicated if you are starting a crowdfunding page for the first time. Customer support on many crowdfunding website focus on only responding to questions about how to use the website. At, we go a step further an also help recording a video interview, help writing your story, help with photography and help with advertising. We go the extra mile because we are fundraisers ourselves and we know how painful it can be to work alone.

5. Can I collect donations for my personal need on this crowdfunding website?

Government backed crowdfunding sites like usually do not support fundraising for an individual’s personal needs such as medical cost or education school fees. However, all is not lost as you can use the more innovative crowdfunding websites such as, and

For a quick comparison guide of crowdfunding websites in Singapore, check out this page.

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