The top five reasons to give

At, we believe that giving is an innate part of everyone. It’s just that we are all so busy with our day-to-day lives that, sometimes, we forget. We have put together this handy list to remind you why it’s so important to give back.

1. It feels great

There is no denying it, giving back in whatever form (whether it’s money, time, or expertise) makes you feel great. Particularly as the effects of the pandemic wear on, we find ourselves looking for purpose and a way to feel good. Well look no further – make a donation, or sign up to volunteer for a charity. It’s a sure-fire way to feel great.

2. Show the people you love the value of giving

There is no better way to build the values of giving and generosity in the people you love than through showing them how they can give. And the best way to show them how to give? By giving yourself. Involve them in choosing the causes to support, and encourage them to get involved in community service activities.

3. Doing something for your community

You don’t just have to give money in order to support those in need. Why not volunteer? Many charities and organisations are looking for volunteers, even during the pandemic. The impact your time will have on your community will be immense, and you will be helping to build a community of givers.

4. You are making a difference

It really doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to make a huge impact on a charity or cause. Imagine if everyone in Asia gave just 1 cent? There are 45 billion people in Asia, and so SGD45 million would be raised. That’s a tiny individual contribution and a massive collective difference. Don’t underestimate the difference you are making, no matter how big or small.

5. You are building a better world

By getting involved in giving back, in whatever way that looks like for you, you are supporting in creating a better and more equal world. Everybody deserves the chance to be helped and supported in their time of need. Be a part of the change. is on a mission to democratise giving. We have built a simple, fun platform that you can use to make a donation. There are hundreds of individuals in need, charities, and fundraisers, and you can click here to browse and donate to any live campaign.

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