Recurring donations – why do it?

We get it. It’s hard feeling the burden of the world on your shoulders. And donating to charity after charity and cause after cause makes you feel a little better in the moment, but there is always someone else in need.

Here, we go into a little more about how a recurring donation programme can help with this problem and why it’s worth signing up for one. has a recurring programme called ChildMed, and you can click here to learn more and sign up. But first, here is why you should.

  1. You can make a bigger difference
    Signing up for a recurring programme means you will never forget to make a donation again, as it’s set up for you already. This means that the impact you have will just grow and grow.
  1. You can have long-term impact
    Instead of donating to ad-hoc causes and charities, why not sign up for a recurring donation programme so that you know that you will have a long-term, positive impact on those in need?
  1. You can be part of a like-minded community
    Join together with other like-minded individuals who have the same passion and drive to give back regularly to those in need.
  1. You can do good, conveniently
    Never forget to give again as once your recurring donation is set up, it will be there until you decide to switch it off. Doing good has never been so simple.
  1. Your small contribution = big impact
    The collective effort of the community that you have join will be huge, but the contribution that you make as an individual can be small.

Click here to sign up to ChildMed now. Your small contribution will make a huge impact on children in need of medical care across Asia.

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