How to choose where to donate your money

As the effects of the pandemic wear on and people across the world continue to move in and out of lockdown, it might be getting harder to stay motivated and feel those day-to-day achievements and small wins that help us sleep at night.

One way in which people can feel this sense of achievement again is through giving back. There are many ways to give and in this blog, we share some ways on how and where people can donate money to those in need. Choose one of these and we believe that you will be one step closer to feeling the sense of accomplishment that we are all after.

  1. Give directly to a charity

    Charities have direct causes that they support and this option is great for people who support a certain cause. From animal causes, to medical campaigns to natural disaster charities, there really is a charity out there for most causes, no matter how niche. has over 700 charities listed, and you can click here to find a cause that resonates with you and make a donation today.

  2. Give to a person in need

    Often, the team encounters individuals who have fallen through the net. These people are often in need of urgent medical care and do not have extensive enough insurance to cover it. That is why we built Giveasia Kindness – to be able to support these individuals with their fundraising needs at the most crucial of times.

  3. Make a recurring monthly donation

    This monthly recurring donation can either be to a charity or to ChildMed, which is’s monthly recurring programme for children in need of medical care across Asia. This is a great way of knowing that you are regularly supporting those children in need, but done in a seamless way each month.

  4. Give to animals in need

    Are you an animal lover? Well, you can either donate directly to a multitude of animal charities listed on, or, you can donate directly to one of our PAWS campaigns. These campaigns have been set up to help pets that need medical care and are not being supported by a charity.

  5. Support

    For those who want to make a financial donation but don’t have a specific cause in mind, you could always make a donation directly to We are a free-to-use platform run by volunteers, and we want to stay that way. In order to do so, we welcome donations, no matter how big or small. also has teams in Malaysia and Vietnam. Our neighbours across the causeway in Malaysia are also facing the effects of the pandemic. Many of them are children in need of medical care whose parents have lost their jobs. There are also many undocumented refugees families that need support. For those who would like to cast their charitable net further and help the wider community, you can visit our GIVE Malaysia page to help the underprivileged there with their funding needs. You can visit GIVE Vietnam here to see the campaigns that are currently running there.
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