Top three trending campaigns to support the India COVID relief effort

Online fundraising is something that the team has been doing for over ten years now. So, when we heard the news about India’s devastating COVID-19 crisis, we launched a fundraising campaign for any individual, or charity, to immediately start and run their own fundraising campaigns to support the efforts. Collectively, we have now raised over SGD380,000. Here are three of the top campaigns that are currently running.

  1. Support Singapore Red Cross in sending vital medical equipment

Through, the Singapore Red Cross has raised nearly SGD300,000. These funds will go towards vital medical supplies to those directly affected by COVID-19 in India. As the majority of the population in India struggles to find treatment, the Singapore Red Cross will provide help to those most affected. You can click here to donate to this campaign.

  1. Help individual Dia Golani send oxygen tanks to India

When Dia Golani launched her fundraising campaign, she didn’t expect to raise more than SGD6000. Now, she has raised an impressive SGD68,000 and counting. She is an individual on a mission and through her grit and determination, she has been featured in newspapers across the region, gaining traction on her campaign. All funds will go towards sending much needed oxygen tanks to India. Click here to donate.

  1. Help Charmaine to raise SGD5000 for the Singapore Red Cross

Charmaine is a university student who has been to India many times with her family and understands the seriousness of the crisis in India. She has collected many images from reputable sources, to help explain to her peers why making a donation, no matter how small, will help. She has raised over SGD3000 and is on track to meeting her target. Click here to donate.

There are many ways that you can get involved in supporting the COVID relief fund for India. You can make a donation to any one of the campaigns above and there are more campaigns running here. You can also start your own fundraising campaign by clicking here. Finally, you can share any of these campaigns on your social channels to spread the word. Thank you for your support.

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