Five minutes with Zack Petersen from 1000 Days Fund

Zack Petersen is the Lead Strategist at Indonesian charity, 1000 Days Fund. Here, he talks to us about how he and the team are trying to end stunting in Indonesia and how is supporting their fundraising efforts.

Indonesian charity 1000 Days Fund aims to end stunting in Indonesia by 2030.

Can you tell us a little more about 1000 Days Fund?
We are a downstream NGO, trying to stop stunting, as opposed to treating those affected by it. We do this by working with mothers through the first 1000 days of their child’s life. The answer of how we do this is pretty simple. We educate Indonesians on how to monitor child development and provide simple resources to on-the-ground communities.

How do you attract donors?
The most attractive reason to donate to 1000 Days Fund, as opposed to other NGOs working in similar fields, is that our whole team works directly with communities across Indonesia. We can therefore provide regular and real updates on how donations are being used and how they are positively impacting children. Donors know exactly where their money goes.  

Tell us a little more about how you fundraise.
We rely on champions who have personally experienced what we do. The pandemic has solidified the way that we connect with our donors. We are not an organisation that people would seek out unless they already know about stunting. However, when donors know about us, they donate again and again.

How do you work with
We have worked with many crowdfunding platforms in the past, but our experience with has been nothing but fantastic. I wish we had known about and the services you provide three years ago. We spend a lot of time on cracking the crowdfunding code, and the team has supported us in doing this.

Thanks to Zack for taking the time to talk to us. You can click here to learn more about 1000 Days Fund and donate.

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