The state of fundraising in Asia, 2021

This year, launched its first-ever State of Fundraising in Asia (SOFIA) Survey. We surveyed our community, and received over 1000 unique responses from individuals who shared their opinions of giving with us.

Here are the most interesting sentiments that we took from the survey.

The top five causes that givers are donating to in 2021 are:
– Underprivileged people
– Healthcare
– Natural/humanitarian disasters
– Animals in need
– Education

During COVID, 46% of givers gave more, or for the first time
Many of these givers shared that they would continue to give throughout the rest of the year whenever they could

Reasons for giving include:
– Wanting to make a difference
– Giving back to society  
– Causes connecting to personal values

What will encourage givers to make donations?
Individuals also reported they would hesitate to give because they do not know who needs help, and that they don’t know where the donations go.

We hope you find this as interesting as we do! The team at will certainly use this valuable information to shape what we do in the future. Comment below if you have any thoughts on this.

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